We just got done with 2 weeks of some awesome visitors.  After working on them for nearly 4 years, Tim’s oldest brother and his family came out to Penang.  In a way, I’m so glad they delayed!  The kids had such a blast playing together.  They were great travelers and pretty much loved doing what we love to do – explore, swim and EAT!  We were blessed with perfect weather for their visit.  Rain and wind brought cooler temps and pushed out the haze, Penang was showing it’s finest.  Double bonus: there’s nothing like showing off your life to make me fall in love with it all over again.  Here’s what we got up to (that I captured on my phone):

Georgetown by bike.

Georgetown by bike.


Sister-in-law bonding over High Tea at Suffolk House (Emma let her English roots shine!)


Sunsets on Gurney Drive


Family Selfie!


Cousins! **Smack!**


19 plates off the sushi train. A new record for us.


Thailand…on a boat! (I’ll do a separate Koh Samui post here soon..)


Beach Swingin’


More sister-in-law bonding time. This time at a National Park in Thailand! We obviously consulted each other before dressing for the event.


Final night out in Penang. Food, food and drinks. And a requisite trishaw picture.