When do children go from looking like babies to looking like kids?  Some time between four and four-and-a-half, so it seems.  Here’s what my big baby boy is up to now:

  • Intensity!  Miles is serious. Sensitive, opinionated, empathetic, passionate, rule-following and competitive.  All this adds up to a very intense personality.  It is very, very YANG.
  • Solar Panels.  Apparently, there are solar panels in Miles’ body that charge even when his eyes are open, so he says.  He’s never tired, and lays in bed at night wide eyed.  So he says.  He does have a massive energy bank.  Note to parent-self: point out when the sun is gone and solar panels no longer charge.
  • Rita.  My sisters and I share a dark secret – an alternate personality that comes out when we are tired and/or hungry.  Miles has inherited this one, and you don’t want to meet him hangry.  Perhaps we’ll call it Rufus?
  • Hoarder!  Somehow my purger trait stayed dormant.  Miles is a collector.  He prizes his shirts and shorts with pockets, and stuffs them full of rocks, leaves, shells, toys, anything little that can be piled.  At dinner, he loads his plate with the choicest morsels as fast as his for can fly, then saves all his favorites for later.  Collector meets delayed gratifier; a hoarder is born.
  • Macgyver.  I once wrote that Miles believed anything can be fixed with tape.  Well, now that he can actually operate simple tools, anything actually can be fixed with tape.  Or glued, disassembled, reassembled, redesigned, modified, souped up, downsized, and essentially engineered.  We know where this is going – varsity letter for building robots in high school.
  • Big Brother.  Miles is a pretty typical big brother.  He steamrolls, cajoles, manipulates, engages, comforts, protects and partners with his baby sister.  Any five minutes may include some or all of the above activities and interactions.  Roller coaster relationship!
  • Lover. Above all, Miles continues to be a lover.  He is sweet and excited for life.