Two is no joke.  This girl is growing up and showing us her true, vivid colors.

  • No baby.  There’s no baby updates here, because Hazel is a walking, talking, toothy, potty-trained, feeding-herself, sleeping machine.  We got no more babies.
  • Longs.  I’ve mentioned it, but this girl loves to cover her knees.  Her favorite clothes are long pants and “sport shoes” – with socks!  We can sometimes convince her of a dress if the modesty content is there (only lower leg showing).  At night, she sleeps in her “Gruffs”, some pajamas with magical healing powers.  They have long pants of course.
  • Green.  Anything that is green was obviously made for this girl.  It’s not quite an obsession or requirement, but if it’s green it is so much better.  Caveat: this does not apply to food.
  • Sleep-over.  This is kind of a baby update.  Hazel really needed to take some naps in the afternoon to boost her dinner time spirits.  Luckily, she is happy to crash out in her lower bunk for a “sleepover”, either with daddio or some of her guys.
  • Pee-Ahnk!  Hazel is still completely devoted  and attached to her Pinky, who has been compadre numero uno from the beginning.  She could face fire with that fluffy pink monkey’s tag between her forefinger and thumb.  Got an owie?  She’ll run to fetch you a Pink.  There, doesn’t that feel better already?
  • Wailing.  Not exactly the meltdowns I expected from a tantruming two year old girl, Hazel just bursts into tears and howls when things aren’t going her way (mostly when Miles has derailed things from going her way).  It’s a raw and true expression of emotion that yields maybe one to two tears only before it’s over.  And then it starts again 5 minutes later.
  • Spunk.  Hazel has spunk, she’s feisty, she is fun to be around and can be so loving and sweet, melting into my lap at times that I do cherish.  We love this little girl!