December 2014

Christmas morning had us up at the late hour of sunrise (some were worried we might be too tired for gift opening otherwise!), we were off into the stroller for a traditional Christmas family run around the Botanical Gardens, and home in time to open all the gifts.  Kids were smitten with Legos.

Hazel was enchanted with this Slinky.  Seriously, best toy ever!


And there were some snuggles in there too.  Here is one skeptical Santa when Rudolph gets a bit too close…


Merry Tropical Christmas!


Wow.  I think we made it.  No more toddlers in this house!  Hazel turned three today!


  • Actually… Hazel has grown quite articulate, and “actually” is her favorite start to most sentences.  She can converse with the best of them, and while she is a little shy around strangers, she is learning to speak up.
  • No, Miles!  No issues speaking up to her brother any more, Hazel has learned to really stand up for herself and what she wants.
  • Come a Little Closer…  Hazel loves “Three Little Pigs” and “The Gingerbread Man”, and will play the wolf (blow!) and the fox (chomp!) while I get knocked down and eaten.  She also loves The Gruffalo and The Enormous Crocodile.
  • So Many Cucumbers.  This girl is growing like a weed, and she will tell you exactly why that is too.  Obviously because of all the cucumbers she is eating!  She’s turned a vegetable corner, and will now happily chomp her salad while we watch the visible gains in her musculature as she flexes between mouthfuls.  Of her biceps, “They are almost touching my shoulders!”
  • Fluffy!  Nothing is more comforting than something fluffy, and Pee-ankh is still filling the fluffiest shoes in her boat.  She now also has a favorite softy (Nemo), but fluffy reigns supreme.  She loves to play legos and puzzles, read books and don accessories.  Cooking with momma is pretty fun too.
  • Big.  I mentioned Hazel is getting tall, she is big too, needing new shoes this month.  Her hair is coming in (slowly) but she made it through the twos without her molars popping through yet.  She uses the toilet independently, will squeeze her eyelids shut and cover her eyes to try to sleep at naptime, and can wait it out better than her brother looking for the morning sun to rise to get out of bed.

Penang is about 80km around as circumnavigated on foot, and this year we Tim and I joined a team of 10 others to race around as fast as possible.  IMG_1838

Tim started us off in the stuffy pre-dawn time of 5am, and our team finished in second place right around 11am. Here’s a photo of an early-morning roadside handoff – flying!


I ran tenth, kicking off at 9:30am, through the glaring tourist town of Batu Ferringhi and along the coastline to the floating mosque.  By the time I finished I could think of nothing but refueling (well, fueling. My nutrition needed help this race!).  The kids and I hightailed it to a hawker, where noodle soup & teh ice replaced all the salt I needed.


This year we attended our fifth Hostie Christmas Treat.  It had all the elements of this great yearly tradition – sand art, gifts from Santa, who was not in shorts this time, and a spin on a trishaw.  Also – hot as … the North Pole in July? It’s often the hottest day of the year, and it didn’t disappoint this time!  We still had a blast 🙂