We’ve had some great New Year’s Celebrations here in Penang, better parties after kids than we did in the years before!  This year was no different, 25 floors up, overlooking the ocean, good friends food and champagne…  2015 is off to a good start!


And just to remind myself, where we were when the clock struck 12 the first of the year each time in Penang:

2011 – The Old Bagan, with Angel & Craig, listening to Roz
2012 – With a 3 day old Hazel, and no baby sitter, Tim stayed home with Miles while Hay and I walked next door for some much deserved champagne and dinner party
2013 – McCalister Mansion (the New Bagan), oval table in a white room with rotating seating
2014 – Also in the paragon, 23 floors up this time, with kids until late.

Hope we bring this kind of celebration home with us!