He’s FIVE folks.  This is Miles’ last baby post.  He’s a little kid now.20150123-IMG_2195

And here’s what that looks like:

  • Planning, scheming.  Miles is not one to stumble along and follow the leader.  He needs to know what the plan is, influence it if he can, and keep everyone on track.
  • Time and Dates.  He’s got a calendar and a digital watch, and can read an analog clock to the half hour.  If we’re going somewhere, we’re going to be on time.
  • Follow the Rules.  Miles likes to know the rules and follow them.  “Did you park in the lines, momma?” after one too many parking tickets for his liking.
  • Rough and Tumble Play.  Jumping down, wrestling, cannonballs into the water, climbing trees and getting as dirty as possible.  This is definitely the way to have fun.
  • Reader.  While Miles is not reading quite yet, he does have a deep love of books and enjoys being read to on many subjects.  We’re in the middle of the BFG right now, and he loves his science books “How things Work” and anything on planets and outer space.  He can also stare at a map for quite a while.  Gotta know where you’re going.
  • Helper.  Its amazing to me how much of a help Miles can be now, eager to help out in lots of little tasks, especially if its something new.
  • Proud of him.  At 5, I can definitely say I am proud of the little boy we raised.  He can make new friends and take good care of the little guy as well as he can hold a dinner conversation with a 60 yr old lady.  He loves stories and tall tales, is creative and intelligent.  My heart bursts for him, and I look forward to every day in his future.

Love you little Bugsy!