Miles had has birthday planned out to the minute.  It fell on a Friday, and he specified exactly what was going to happen (see below, as dictated on 11 Jan).  So, we followed his wishes and he had a great day!


First, a birthday party at school. A yogurt cake, apples and one candy per child.  No plastic goodie bags, Miles said.

After school, Tim brought a van and picked up Miles and his close buddies.  They came straight to our house for a parent-free party!  We made pizzas and fruit kebabs, played little legos and dancing statues, and opened presents.  Then came the real cake.  The parents were mostly on time and the kids had a blast!

And a big Aumph! (Chocolate with coconut)


Miles relaxed at his yoga class, then we drove up to the beach for his final request.  Dinner at The Ship (“best steak in town”).

It was a perfect birthday for the birthday boy.