With the early morning assistance of Grandma Linda, and after she left the help of Suzi, I have been able to join Tim on his Saturday morning ritual of cycling to the back side of the island.  We get out the door at 6:15 and 30km later, summit at sunrise.  The riding in the dark is a bit different, but the roads are empty and with 5-10 in the group, we have critical mass rounding the bends to Batu Ferringhi.

After a few weeks, I was able to make the full distance, dropping down the other side of the summit to descend through the durian and nutmeg farms and stop at the bottom in Sungai Pinang, at a hopping little kopitam coffee shop next to a Buddhist temple.  There is a large stone table out front, and the proprietor brings us coffees and tea with condensed milk frothed in.

A few minutes later and its back in the saddle, up the backside and over the top, to ride home along the sea into the sun.  Sounds pretty good?  It is!

20150107-IMG_2110 20150110-IMG_2119 20150110-IMG_2120 20150130-IMG_2296