Hazel’s been counting down to this half-birthday for weeks.  Not sure what she expects to come with her age, but she’s so grown up to us!


Hazel, at three-and-a-half:

  • Momma-in-the-bama.  Still rhyming, with style.  I-in-the-by, love you-in-the-‘bove you.
  • Stoic.  Hazel is super self-assured, independent, and does not let her feathers be easily ruffled.  Her strength of character is evident in all she does, from talking to adults to standing up for her preferences with Miles.
  • Aumph!  Finally, Hazel’s palate expanded to include a taste for so many new foods, and a tolerance for almost all.  She will readily eat vegetables and salad,  and loves eggs (thanks to breakfast tacos).
  • Like a Weed.  After a particularly chubby trip back to the US, Hazel stretched to new heights and is now a skinny, tall, bean.  She literally outgrew clothes in the 6 weeks we were away!  All the baby rolls are gone.  She’s a big girl now, and eats like one too.  Her breakfast belly has always been big, but she’s now mowing through portions at lunch and dinner too!  I love a good eater.
  • Ponytail.  Hazel really wants a ponytail. She is working on it, but still maintains a cropped curly coif until the front grows a bit and the rest stops turning green in the chlorine.  One day!
  • Excited.  Of everyone in the family, Hazel is most excited for our move to Colorado.  She’s excited for time with Grandma Linda, excited to not go to school (at least right away), and so, so excited to build snowmen (thank you, Olaf).
  • Daddio-day.  The unchanging schedule for a day out with dad: Go to Paragon, play at Cartoon World soft play ball pit, order Carrot cake at the coffee shop and Hazel sneaks the sugar-carrot off before Tim can get to it!  This routine has been played out at least 4 times in the last 6 months.
  • Sidekick.  Miles and Hazel are inseparable these days.  They wake up to play made up games in their room, conspire on rapscallion tricks throughout the day, and play side by side afternoons.  Hazel’s loyalty to her brother is unwavering, and is so sweet.