July 2015

These kids love to jump in puddles.



For 24 hours, we had a pet.  The pet was a millipede.  They named him Crawly.


Miles had been studying the rainforest in class and wanted to bring in something from our garden to show off.  So we collected 5 in a small container with some natural habitat of sand and leaves.  Within minutes, one of them was attacking (it seemed to me) the others, so we reduced to just one.  Research showed that actually it was some kind of mating thing, but we didn’t want any of that either, so Crawly was solo for his stay with us.

We learned tons about millipedes.  They are vegetarians and don’t have big pinchers, their main defense mechanism being to release some cyanide when things don’t go their way.  So Crawly was a sweet stinky guy when we held him.


The next day, he was released into the wild once again, to his and my relief.  Twenty Four hours is enough time to keep a pet for me.