Tim had to go to the US for work, and I was feeling homesick.  Well, I was feeling sick, which always makes me homesick.  Plus it was August, and I kept thinking of the cottage and summers with my parents.  I suggested the kids and I come along on the trip home.  Two months before we move home.  Obviously I was not thinking clearly, so Tim suggested an even better idea.  I tried it out on my mom and she was in – Grandma Valerie was coming to Penang for a final trip!

It was a short stay, but we didn’t pack it in, so it felt really nice.  We took the kids to school and got to hang out in the mornings.  Going for walks, even trying out bootcamp (go mom!).  We did some shopping and ate at some favorites, made some outings around the island.  There were some rainy, packing days in there, lazy days where we didn’t do much at all.  These were perfect too.

I loved this special time with my mom in our final days in Penang, in the early days of my pregnancy.  And I didn’t feel homesick at all.