Tim had a final fitness goal for our time in Malaysia, and trained (under his expert trainer’s guidance) for the Bukit Merah Half Ironman.  We made an extended stay of it, arriving the night before and staying through the next day.  Bukit Merah is a resort area with a waterpark and ecopark we had visited before.  This time, the kids and I explored the orangutan island after Tim swam in the lake and while he rode his bike for 3 hours on a double loop which included an 800m hill with an intense grade (4x up and down!).  We met back up for the run and Miles even joined him for 50m at the 15km mark – during which he sprinted and left his daddio in the dust!

Coming in third place, shy of 6 hours at nearly 1pm in the intense heat and full exposure of midday sun, we interviewed Tim during his ice bath.  “I’m glad I did it, but I will never do an endurance event in the tropics again!”.  Yep, you can quote him.