One of the sweetest leaving presents we received on leaving Penang was this poem, composed by my dear friends who had secretly met, drank, and came up with these limericks.  Love you girls!


A Stelzer Farewell

There was a family who lived on Gurney –
Home sweet home, their entire Penang journey
From their front window – fishing boats bobbing on the sea
From the back – aunties doing Tai Chi

A special little spot is Persiaran Gurney
Who is this family you might wonder
Well, we won’t let you any longer ponder:

Miles a baby, now a boy
Monkeys, snakes and lizards his toys.

Penang soon proved to be a lot of fun
So quickly came another one.
To their surprise it was a girl!
Hazel – another Orient Pearl!

Tim was the reason for their arrival
Soon becoming every triathletes rival.
Little do they know when they take on Tim
That Laurel is the force within him.

But 10.000 medals were not enough
So she had to go and get herself up the duff.

Who is this woman, Laurel her name?
As Penang Momma she has gotten a lot of fame.
Where to go and what to do
What to eat and find drinks, too.

Are you Penang Momma, people would ask?
Yes, I am and I like to multitask.
100% detail, no errors or mistake
a challenge for others, for her a piece of cake.

Coach of the Core and the running team,
Personal Trainer, member of the boot camp scene.
Saving lives, exposing a breast,
At the end of the race she still was the best.

Traveling in Asia, for them not an issue
The bags so small, as light as a tissue.
When Hollywood called the once known Penang Momma
Turned into a 1931 beauty of Indian Summer

So Tim, Laurel, Miles, Hazel and Bump,
In our throats you are leaving a lump.
We wish you nothing but the best
And finally our legs can get some rest!