We emptied and cleaned our apartment, handed the keys to the owner, and said goodbye to PG1.  We still had 2 nights in Penang…we were off to the E&O!


This is the spot that started our Penang journey.  Tim and I stayed here nearly 7 years ago on our look-see (a.k.a. seduction tour) before we left China and by the time we checked out, we were already making plans to return to Asia.  The E&O is a Penang establishment, an institution, and it conveys as much class and colonial idealism for life in the tropics.  We were excited for our return.


We checked in, enjoyed our welcome drink and were soon shown to our massive suite.  We elected to have more room instead of an ocean view (the haze would have made that unpleasant anyway), and I think the bathroom was as big as the living room.

We used the next few days to just relax, hanging out at the pool, enjoying a high tea with camera play, and walking into Georgetown for “last meals”.  The final meal? Roadside chapati on Queen Street, which had been shut down for some kind of festival.  There was a lion dance, chariot and all the wonderful things that make Penang Penang.

Trishaw home in the pre-storm sweltering heat, pulling under the E&O portico just as the skies opened.