It had been seven years since I last set foot on Chinese pavement, and with the golden opportunity facing us (Tim’s business need, plus fulfilling the strict requirements of the elusive transit visa) we jumped at the chance to stop on our way moving home from Malaysia.  It would be a quick one, a mandated 72 hours or less, but I couldn’t wait to check out our old stomping ground again.  We had lots of bags, plus emotional baggage from leaving Penang, but it turned out to be a great stop.


Priority number one: cruise at 400km/hr.  Miles loves his trains, and the chance to ride the Maglev was our first stop.  Unfortunately, it was raining on our arrival and they only hit 330 km/hr on the trip to the city.  The return fare sped to the max velocity however, and everyone was happy.


Priority two: Work.  True, I no longer work at AMD (or at all, as it were, leaving all employment in Penang), but to visit the office I occupied on it’s day of inception was a treat.  I had a very warm welcome, and was surprised to find my former team almost completely in tact!  I’ll take it as a compliment to my efforts there that they were all there working.  I got a fabulous welcome, and they took me to lunch at Taibei Yachu, which was always my choice for welcoming and saying goodbye to team members.  I suppose that day they did both.  Miles impressed them with his eating abilities.  The weather was gorgeous, and the trees blooming around the office let out the sweet scent that is only September in Shanghai.  Nostalgia hit hard.

Priority Three: Checking out the city.  We had one day to see what Shanghai had been up to in our absence.  We walked all over the French Concession, found it to be far less caffeinated than we expected yet blissfully full of noodles and wontons.  Subway-ed around, hit up the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower (Dong Fang Ming Zhu became a suggested name for New Baby), and ended up at the fake markets in the High Tech Subway stop.  Dinner was more Hunan homestyle food, we could not get enough of this stuff!

And that was the end of our 72 hours in Shanghai.  Onward: homeward bound.