September is a good month to move to Colorado.  It was still kind of summer, although the evenings had a crispness to them.  Shorts were ideal most of the time, and the leaves had not started to fall.  The skies were a deep autumnal blue, a very welcome change from the haze of our last days in Penang.


We stayed 10 days with the Stelzers, and for the most part it was pretty relaxing for us.  Miles got a week off school, Tim was working but from home, and Hazel and I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities as we could not yet move into our house.  We met some parents at the meet the parents night for kindergarten, and Tim caught up with old old friends at his 20 year high school reunion.


Mostly, we enjoyed being outdoors and having grandparents around.  Why else did we move to Colorado?  Lots of walks, hikes and just hanging out.  Real life would start later, we made a nice and easy transition to our new home.