Here she is, at the end of the toddler posts.


What’s floating this girl’s boat:

  • Special Party.  Have you been invited to the special party?  Most likely, you’ve been bribed into it, or punished out of it.  For months, Hazel and Miles have made the promise if you do something “you can come to my special party”, or “spesh” for short.  Miles confided weeks ago (out of earshot of Hazel) that there was no special party.  For Hazel, the party planning lives on.
  • Special Guys, and the Fall of the Pee-anghk.  Hazel loves her soft toys; they have families and birthdays (with cake), conversations and love to snuggle.  For years, since birth basically, we went nowhere overnight without Pinky.  Then we took a trip to the beach where Seastar took the coveted carry on position.  She told us – this is the first time I am going away without Pink.  It also happened to be the week of Sea Star’s birthday, which we had celebrated with … a special party.
  • Adaptable.  Hazel just rocked it through a very major life transition.  HUGE props.
  • Sneaky Jabs.  Finally, she is that sibling, the one who can not only stand up for herself but can dish it back, in the sneakiest way possible where she won’t be the one in trouble, turning on the water works at just the right time for Miles to take the brunt of the blame.  I’m onto her though…I had a little sister too you know.
  • Out of the Green.  Green is no longer trumping the rainbow these days.  Up on top, Tuscan Red and Goldenrod (thanks to the artsy Grandma Linda, she is well versed in the expanded color wheel).  Also, Pink.  Although I see it as short lived.
  • Big Girl.  The big FOUR (point) OH is looming, and Hazel has fully come into her own.  She sporting her Stelzer lump (with lump kiss for daddio), eating some more vegetables, going on big hikes, speaking her mind, and loving big time on New Baby and momma’s giant bump.  I’m so proud of this little lady!