We were very much looking forward to celebrating Halloween in our new neighborhood, and luckily we got to do it four times! Good thing as these costumes were purchased on the small side (Hazel already claimed koala for her getup next year, and are there any 2T’s that want to be a “Zebra Pony” out there?).

Our neighbors had a costume dress rehearsal party the week before Halloween, all the kids in costume and a parade too.

We waited until the day of to carve our pumpkins, keeping them whole in the window for weeks before we took them out.  I’ll just say our ‘hood has some fat-on-squash squirrels in its population.


Miles’ school had a party the day before Halloween, and I got to debut my mummy bump.


No photos at all from the actual trick or treat, but we did head out a bit early, then make a figure eight loop, dropping full buckets of candy at home at the intersection.  We were done and sorted by 7:30, which was a good thing as that’s when the hungry goblins came around.  We were nearly out of candy at that point, but all the kids’ rejects went into a bowl on a porch (lights on, shades drawn).  It was empty and gone by 8:30.  A great way to get rid of the extra candy!

The final and fanciest dress up happened the week after Halloween, where a classmate of Miles’ had a dress up party with a face painter.  The costumes are now a bit worse for wear, we squeezed every last drop out of this holiday!