December 2015

Hazel had 4 friends for her 4th birthday, and we had a great morning making DIY snowglobes, eating lunch, playing and of course having cake!  Hazel stayed in her PJs all day (birthday girl’s choice) and had a fabulous day.





Our funny, clever little Hay turned Four.


Here’s what her life looks like:

  • Kracken-Heimer!  This is Hazel’s swear word.  We’ve all adopted it.  Imagine it said in frustration, with a slam of the fist.
  • Fickel-wick.  In other made up words (her vocabulary is riddled with them), a fickle-wick is someone who is being silly, a yuk muk goes into the soap dispenser of the dishwasher, mush mush are the best bits of the trailmix and look a lot like white chocolate chips to me, icken-chicken and rinkle-tink and all kinds of other words are presented as though they are true English words.  We all use them all the time.
  • Between a titch and a bit?  Final language update, Hazel’s word for just a tiny amount of something is one we really don’t encourage her to use.
  • Bearlies.  Hazel loves bears, soft stuffed bears of all shapes and sizes and her bed is full of them.  For Christmas, all the cards with polies on them are treasured as well (as well, another Hazelism).  She fell kind of hard for Rudolf at Christmas.  There’s also a troop of “lil guys” whom she plays with, educates and even texts on her pretend hand phone – all invisible of course.
  • Keepin’ Up.  Anything Miles can do, Hazel tries to do it too.  She’s impressed us with her abilities physically and academically.  At the same time, she knows her interests and her limits, and won’t get pushed into anything she’s not comfortable with.
  • Like a Weed.  The last three months have been a massive growth time for Hazel, she has probably sprouted a few inches and put on 4 lbs. She’s not the littlest kid even on the kindergarten playground!
  • Still our baby.  While she’s growing up fast, Hazel still loves to cuddle and hug, and does the sweetest things that remind us she is still our tiniest.  For a few weeks anyway.  No doubt she is looking forward to being a big sister, she sings to “New Babe” and talks to him/her, but for now I think she’s totally contented with where she’s at, and we are too.


No travel for us this Christmas, with new babe expected just a few weeks away.  We kicked off our traditions on Christmas Eve with a hike up to Red Rocks.


After warming up at home, we rode bikes downtown for some Pearl Street Mall browsing and shopping with Linda, Wally and Garrett.  There was some toy shopping at Into the Wind as usual, and we had an early dinner at Pasta Jay’s.


The next morning we got up late, popped the requisite cinnamon rolls into the oven and opened some presents.  Hazel was convinced Santa did not come because the stockings were empty.  She got a snow shovel for Christmas, which would never fit in a stocking!  We headed out for another hike (just our local up Sanitas Goat Trail) and made it back down for a chill afternoon, grandparents and uncle over for more gifts and dinner.

The snow arrived that night as we were eating, and we had a white Christmas afterall!  This has to be a record of maximum family of 4 shots taken in a 24 hour period!


We got some more visitors to Foxy House!  My parents came in for a brief pre-Christmas visit.  They got to experience Colorado snow (it was still hanging on), and some very cold temperatures.  We had a blast though, lots of holiday activities.

Miles had an open house at his school, showing off PE & music.  The next day, we went to his Christmas party and made gingerbread houses.

A much anticipated Christmas activity fell during their trip, a performance of the Polar Express, complete with a ride on a real steam train!  Uncle G came along for the show, we had hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies for dinner that day!

And of course, lots of playing in the snow.  The day they left was 50 degrees and we were finally able to make some snowmen!  (Otherwise it is too dry and powdery to pack).  They lasted about an hour, but Miles, Hazel and Grandpa Bob had a blast making them.


It’s definitely nice to be just a 2.5 hour (direct, inexpensive) flight from Detroit. Looking forward to lots of grandparent time in the future!

We got our first official snow day! With a weather report that predicted 4″, we woke up to a solid 7″ and more fell throughout the day.  Miles was off school, and it stayed cold long enough to enjoy the snow for the rest of the week.



Miles is lobbying for a fat bike.  Tim too.

We’re laying down roots, and want a few fun traditions to go along with them.  So, this year we took a drive up into the mountains to chop down our own Christmas tree.  We left a 60 degree Boulder and drove 1.5 hours to Winter Park, where there is a designated area for tree cutting.  The temperature dropped as we went over the 12,000ft pass and dropped into the popular ski area.  There was masses of snow on the ground!  Easily over my knees, the kids struggled to make headway through it off the path (an existence I remember not-so-fondly from growing up in Michigan).

After hiking around a bit, Tim spotted our perfect tree  and we all made it over to approve.  A few hacks from the handsaw and we were headed back to the car.  I dragged the tree and Tim dragged the kids on the sled, where they had a classic spill into the deep powder after going off track downhill.

Back to Boulder, decorations up, the snow is falling… its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


Can you believe it’s been 10 years?

_MG_4849 f

We celebrated with dinner at Flagstaff House, just a few miles from our house but up up up the side of Flagstaff Mountain.  The views from 6000 ft made us feel like we were in a skyscraper in Shanghai, on a very clear night.  Afterwards, we took a hike up to see the massive star of lights that we can see out our south facing windows at night.  It was steep and icy, I was wearing high heeled boots and am 8 months pregnant, and it was very dark.  I suppose that walk, more than anything, celebrated our 10 year adventure as Mr & Mrs Stelzer.



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