We’re laying down roots, and want a few fun traditions to go along with them.  So, this year we took a drive up into the mountains to chop down our own Christmas tree.  We left a 60 degree Boulder and drove 1.5 hours to Winter Park, where there is a designated area for tree cutting.  The temperature dropped as we went over the 12,000ft pass and dropped into the popular ski area.  There was masses of snow on the ground!  Easily over my knees, the kids struggled to make headway through it off the path (an existence I remember not-so-fondly from growing up in Michigan).

After hiking around a bit, Tim spotted our perfect tree  and we all made it over to approve.  A few hacks from the handsaw and we were headed back to the car.  I dragged the tree and Tim dragged the kids on the sled, where they had a classic spill into the deep powder after going off track downhill.

Back to Boulder, decorations up, the snow is falling… its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!