We got some more visitors to Foxy House!  My parents came in for a brief pre-Christmas visit.  They got to experience Colorado snow (it was still hanging on), and some very cold temperatures.  We had a blast though, lots of holiday activities.

Miles had an open house at his school, showing off PE & music.  The next day, we went to his Christmas party and made gingerbread houses.

A much anticipated Christmas activity fell during their trip, a performance of the Polar Express, complete with a ride on a real steam train!  Uncle G came along for the show, we had hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies for dinner that day!

And of course, lots of playing in the snow.  The day they left was 50 degrees and we were finally able to make some snowmen!  (Otherwise it is too dry and powdery to pack).  They lasted about an hour, but Miles, Hazel and Grandpa Bob had a blast making them.


It’s definitely nice to be just a 2.5 hour (direct, inexpensive) flight from Detroit. Looking forward to lots of grandparent time in the future!