No travel for us this Christmas, with new babe expected just a few weeks away.  We kicked off our traditions on Christmas Eve with a hike up to Red Rocks.


After warming up at home, we rode bikes downtown for some Pearl Street Mall browsing and shopping with Linda, Wally and Garrett.  There was some toy shopping at Into the Wind as usual, and we had an early dinner at Pasta Jay’s.


The next morning we got up late, popped the requisite cinnamon rolls into the oven and opened some presents.  Hazel was convinced Santa did not come because the stockings were empty.  She got a snow shovel for Christmas, which would never fit in a stocking!  We headed out for another hike (just our local up Sanitas Goat Trail) and made it back down for a chill afternoon, grandparents and uncle over for more gifts and dinner.

The snow arrived that night as we were eating, and we had a white Christmas afterall!  This has to be a record of maximum family of 4 shots taken in a 24 hour period!