Our funny, clever little Hay turned Four.


Here’s what her life looks like:

  • Kracken-Heimer!  This is Hazel’s swear word.  We’ve all adopted it.  Imagine it said in frustration, with a slam of the fist.
  • Fickel-wick.  In other made up words (her vocabulary is riddled with them), a fickle-wick is someone who is being silly, a yuk muk goes into the soap dispenser of the dishwasher, mush mush are the best bits of the trailmix and look a lot like white chocolate chips to me, icken-chicken and rinkle-tink and all kinds of other words are presented as though they are true English words.  We all use them all the time.
  • Between a titch and a bit?  Final language update, Hazel’s word for just a tiny amount of something is one we really don’t encourage her to use.
  • Bearlies.  Hazel loves bears, soft stuffed bears of all shapes and sizes and her bed is full of them.  For Christmas, all the cards with polies on them are treasured as well (as well, another Hazelism).  She fell kind of hard for Rudolf at Christmas.  There’s also a troop of “lil guys” whom she plays with, educates and even texts on her pretend hand phone – all invisible of course.
  • Keepin’ Up.  Anything Miles can do, Hazel tries to do it too.  She’s impressed us with her abilities physically and academically.  At the same time, she knows her interests and her limits, and won’t get pushed into anything she’s not comfortable with.
  • Like a Weed.  The last three months have been a massive growth time for Hazel, she has probably sprouted a few inches and put on 4 lbs. She’s not the littlest kid even on the kindergarten playground!
  • Still our baby.  While she’s growing up fast, Hazel still loves to cuddle and hug, and does the sweetest things that remind us she is still our tiniest.  For a few weeks anyway.  No doubt she is looking forward to being a big sister, she sings to “New Babe” and talks to him/her, but for now I think she’s totally contented with where she’s at, and we are too.