Whew!  Was that really 4 weeks?  Slow it down! It’s going too fast!  Here’s what our newest family member has been up to:

  • Smiles.  Clyde smiled for the first time for me on Valentines Day, at just about 3 weeks, and has been keeping up the happiness ever since!
  • Sleeping, sometimes.  Clyde went from sleeping all day to… sleeping most of the day.  I seriously forgot how much newborns sleep!  He’s past just passing out wherever whenever, but does need to go back to sleep less than an hour after waking up most of the time.  We’re working to establish a bedtime, and he’s down by 7 most nights.  There’s still the 3am hour of wakefulness, but the rest of the night is 2-3 hour chunks of up and down.
  • Nicknames.  Our plan of naming kids to avoid nicknames is foiled once again (it’s amazing how many words rhyme with Clyde).  This guy is “Wide Eyed Clyde” at his most wakeful, and Clyde-oscope.
  • Huffy Puffy.  Clyde’s breathing rate is very up and down.  He will huff and puff for 30s, then hold his breath.  It’s fascinating to watch.  The pediatrician attributes it to his fast birth and adjusting to the altitude.
  • Red & Ruddy. His dark hair shines strawberry blonde in the sunlight, and his complexion has been red from day one (one midwife said from delayed cord clamping?).  I think he just takes after his brother (red hair) and grandpa bob (red face). His eyes are dark, deep blue (like every newborn).
  • Sibling time.  Miles and Hazel ask to hold Clyde every day, and Hazel has impressed me with her maternal instincts kicking in.  She picks out his clothes, diaper, and always helps me keep an eye on him.  He repays her with lots of smiles.
  • Big Guy. Clyde weighed/measured in at 10lb 7.5oz & 22.5″ long.  He’s way out of newborn clothes, most of the 0-3 month outfits are too short and into 3 month stuff.  His butt is especially big, all wrapped up in that fluffy cloth diaper.

I am treasuring all these moments.  With the perspective of how quickly they disappear, even the midnight wake-ups have me choked up (at times).  His tiny head, teeny hands with super long fingers, waxy button nose…I know these things are fleeting, and I love them all the more.