This Spring Break we had plans to go to Oregon.  Colorado springtime had other plans for us.  We left home at 4am, in some very wet and heavy snow.  We breezed through security, then the airport lost power.  It came back on and we drove the train to our gate.  We boarded (first class!  Sweet upgrade from Tim the super traveler!), then deplaned when there was no power to fuel the plane.  The storm grew worse, the plane got gas.  But then it was too windy and snowy to fly.  So we waited, while all other flights got canceled.  And finally ours did too.  We left, to crawl along the whiteout taxi graveyard of Pena Blvd and finally make it home to a good foot of snow.  Disappointment ensued.

Then we picked ourselves up, went skiing, rode a carousel, had dinner at a brewery, a home projects weekend, and a fantastic snowy Easter!  And we’re rebooked!!