April 2016

Fourth Trimester – Check!  A little account where Clyde is as he transitions from newborn to baby.


  • Hands. Clyde found his hands this month, and spent the majority of his waking hours staring at them, weaving his fingers into prayer and sticking his first two fingers into his mouth.  They’re fascinating.
  • Core Workout. At about 10 weeks, the sit-ups began.  He would do dozens a day, feet lifted to 90 degrees and bringing his head up off the ground.  By 12 weeks he was tipping side to side.  The full roll over has not been achieved, but he’s doing all the steps to get there.
  • Smiles, giggles and coos.  The massive smiles, giggle exchanges (C: heheh. me: ha! C:heheh. me: haha!, repeat), and cooing monologues are the best parts of Clyde’s days, for us at least.
  • Monkey Toes.  Now that socks are not always mandatory, and he’s grown out of most of the infant full body suits, I’ve enjoyed access to Clyde’s toes, which still maintain the primate reflex to grip my finger.
  • Not a Daddy’s Boy.  Unfortunately, Clyde is not so happy in the company of his father.  The day will come when he will follow his every move around the house, I’m sure.
  • Sleep, elusive sleep.  The adrenaline hormones are wearing off, and I’m feeling the exhaustion of having a little guy around all day.  This month we went to scheduled night feedings (6, 10, 2 & 6) and finally to Clyde in his own room.  It was a bittersweet night we last co-slept, with many night wakings making the move inevitable.
  • Sibling Love.  Watching Miles and Hazel love on their little bro makes all the challenges worth it.  He follows them with his eyes now, and in no time will be chasing them and making physical progress as well!