Clyde-O and I took a trip out to California to meet up with Mariel and Tim.  It was great to get a weekend away, and we had a blast checking out the Bay area.

20160514-IMG_4754We started off with a super early wake up call and RTD ride to the airport.  It was freezing leaving CO!  We arrived to very sunny and warm CA.  Checking out downtown Mountainview for some beers and photo ops.

We hiked up to Mission point and saw the whole east end of the Bay.  Up Up Up, we were sore the next day.


We also spent a lot of time chillin at the Larson/Bolhouse pad.  It was nice to start thinking about dinner at 6:30, spend time drinking wine and making it, then eating at an adult sunset hour.


Mariel took a day off work to fulfill my request to see the ocean.  This is just north of Santa Cruz, and Clyde had his first toe dip in the Pacific.

And this is what a very tired traveler looks like – time to go home!