Simmer low, sweet baby.  Clyde is starting to settle into this life of his.

  • Tummy time. After a month straight of an intense ab regiment, Clyde starting rolling over onto his belly.  He is a bit of a stranded sea turtle, but a cute one.
  • New crib. We were done rooming together, so Clyde moved downstairs into his own room and into a big crib.  It was great having our adult space back, but we miss the tiny (sometimes).
  • Sleep! & Routine. Three and a half months, and I felt we were ready for a change in Clyde’s sleep routine.  I’m sure he was ready too.  After consulting a professional (!) we got on a good schedule and plan.  He can now put himself to sleep with no crying and does so much better at night.  Bedtime is 5:30pm, he will have 2 wake ups at 10 &2, then up for the day at 6 or 6:30.  Naps are still catch as catch can, but we’re getting there!  He shocked me (and my milk supply) with 2 back to back 12-hour nights.  Those are not the norm, but good to know they are out there!
  • Coo ooo.  This is one talking man.  Lots of coos and real communication going on.  Love it.
  • Fire feet & Arm pump.  If the third month was spent learning his hands, the fourth has been all about the feet.  He rubs them together worryingly, and with such vigor as though to start a fire.  Good thing he pumps his right arm of the water pump up and down to keep off any flames.
  • Where is momma?  Welcome to separation anxiety.  From 12 weeks.  It’s a long road, and we are on it.  In better news, Clyde does seem to be OK with Tim sometimes now.
  • String bean.  4 months, 13#15oz (15th%) and 26.25″ (84th%)  Long and Skinny!
  • Little Man Love.  This little man.  We love him so.