June 2016



  • Hands to feet.  We’re starting to see a progression. Hands to hands, feet to feet, now Clyde is rocking the happy baby pose as his chill out position.
  • Happy Baby. He’s not just a poser, Clyde is one of the happiest guys on the block (except when he’s not).  His smile lights up a room, and he has one for just about everyone.  Miles commented: “I am going to pull all the teeth out of my mouth so I can have a smile as great as Clyde’s”
  • Sleep! Finally, a routine we can work with.  Clyde transitioned to 2 naps a day, goes to bed for the night at 5:30, wakes once at 3 and is up for the day around 6ish. and most excitingly is going to sleep so easily at all these times. Whew.
  • Excited for food. Clyde’s big blue eyes are glued to any fork, spoon or cup that moves from table to mouth.  He can’t wait to get going, and is practicing by putting everything into his mouth already.
  • On the belly & back again. Gross motor update, Clyde can easily go from back to belly and back again.  He pushes WAY up on his hands and checks out the world.
  • Clyde O my Clyde O in the deep blue sea. Will you come with me.  In the deep blue sea.  Clyde O my Clyde O.  His favorite song, which is often greeted with a big smile if he’s in a good mood, or a tiny one with stopping crying if he’s not.
  • So much LOVE. Having a baby is hard, even a happy one.  But the love that is pouring out of every member of this family for this tiny man makes it all worthwhile.

While Tim traveled the week before Father’s Day, we built him a picnic table as a surprise!  Our buddy Jack came over to supervise (and use the big tools) and even Owlie helped out.


After a successful Cross Country season in the fall, Miles was excited to sign up for track in the spring.  I also got involved coaching (Hazel in tow and 8 week old Clyde riding along in the Ergo).  It was so fun, and I feel confident Miles’ love of running is here to stay.  For track meets they raced the 400m, 800m, 200m relay, 50m dash and 100m hurdles (there were 2- 6″ hurdles).  So much fun!