He’s big, he’s happy, and we love him!


Here’s whats up with our little ClydeO:

  • FOOOOOODDDD!  The moment Hazel and Miles were waiting for.  The day he turned 5 months he was in the high chair and chowing down.  He took to food like a fish to water, feeds himself (Baby Led Weaning is the fancy word, we call it Feed Yo Self around here).  Loves everything, except soft pureed foods like applesauce and yogurt.
  • Clee!  A new name comes along.  Our Mr B, ClydeO, Kelidescope is most commonly known as Clee within the posse.
  • InTENSE.  Clyde is a happy dude, intensely happy.  The biggest smile he can muster.  Or he is completely losing it (usually if he doesn’t see me around.  Separation anxiety at a maximum).  North Pole or South.  Luckily he is mostly up.
  • Travel dude.  We’ve done some traveling this month, and Clyde did remarkably well just going with the flow on all the skipped and pushed bedtimes.  He’s a good little traveler (even though he doesn’t sleep on planes !!?!)
  • Hand to Mouth/Face.  Clyde loves exploring the faces and moving mouths of those who hold him.
  • Spa Baby.  This month I took Clyde to a baby massage clinic held in a friend’s home.  He cracked us all up by totally blissing out and saying “aahhhhh” for the whole hour of massage.  He loved it!
  • Still Tiny.  The banana baby trend continues.  27″ long and 15#10 at 6 month check up (85th and 10th %ile respectively).  There are worse things than having the 6 month old who needs to be carried everywhere be on the tiny side.  Plus, he’s my baby!  And needs to stay little forever!  Or at least a little while.