Happiest baby on the block, that’s who he is!


  • Moving! The progress is glacial, but Clyde started army crawling around this month.  It started with belly circles, then he could get from here to there.  He gets up on his hands and knees to rock, but not to hand and knee crawl yet.
  • Consonants.  The vowel-only language morphed seemingly over night from aaa, ooohhh to Da! Ma! Ba!
  • Cognitive Dissidence.  All this development did not sit well with his neurological path and the week after crawling and talking was a tough one.  He’s already coming out the other side of it and back to being a pretty chilled kid.
  • Sleep, glorious sleep. This month Clyde started regularly sleeping through the night. Whew!
  • Chowing Down.  Clyde does love to eat and is now enjoying three regular meals at breakfast, lunch and late afternoon snack time.  He misses out on dinner because he still goes to bed at 5:30pm.  Favorite foods are definitely fruits, with local colorado peaches being at the top of that list.  He also loves sandwiches and fig newtons (the healthy ones).
  • Clee! Hazel named him again, and we most often refer to our little man as Clee.  For this month at least.
  • And…no teeth, but lots of drool…still a redhead, and got a haircut this month too…I stopped cloth diapers, something had to give (and I’m choosing the environment????!)…he still has the best smile on the planet…so much love for and from his siblings.