September 2016


This Man!  We sure do love him.


Here’s what’s going on in his little world:

  • Crawling.  Efficient, targeted, army crawling.  As though he is ducking barbed wire.  Clyde is getting around.
  • Peeking over the top.  Clyde can pull up to standing, mostly on me or the lower drawer of the oven (totally babyproof, right?).  Not so adept at getting down yet…
  • Talking!  There are some definite words coming out.  They all sound like Da.  Dada. Ah-DA! Da!
  • Sleeeeeppppp…. A new trend, sleeping A LOT.  Like 14 hours through at night.  LOONNGG naps.  That army crawling must be exhausting.
  • Uncle Love.  ClydeO loves his uncle G.  They spend a couple hours a week hanging out while I coach Cross Country, and everyone is happy. (Except maybe Hazel who would prefer more of G’s attention)
  • Beee-Byde-O.  I’m not even sure how to spell this new concoction of a nickname.  We are convinced this child will never learn to answer to “Clyde”.
  • Rays of Sunshine. That’s what shines from this child’s face when he smiles.  Which is often.
  • I love an 8 month old.  Have I mentioned how much I love this age?  Gummy smile, snails paced movement, generally happy.  It’s a good time with our tiny!

Our first great Colorado road trip took us to Southwest Colorado.  I say first not only because it was the first, but because it will be the first of many.  I’ll let Hazel and Miles tell you all about it.  They each kept vacation journals of our trip.  Mine’s up on Facebook.  These are way cooler.

Roadtripping.  We saw a lot of mountains.  Miles and Hazel played constantly with a beaded hummingbird and fish we picked up at the service station on one of our early stops.  The Sienna was loaded down, we were off!

First stop, Great Sand Dunes.  Created apparently when a massive lake (sea?) evaporated and all the sand blew up toward a mountain range.  For three months a year the wind reverses and blows the other way.  Result: Tall sand dunes that are fun to slide down and incredible to look at.  Also, our first night in a tent camping – it was awesome! Clyde the Camp Champ reigns!

Next up, Mesa Verde.  From an incredible feat of nature to one of man.  We all earned our CO badges hitting up this state treasure, and we learned a lot too.

Camping.  Hazel shows our three nights camping and the anticipation of a train ride to come.  We had so much fun and got lucky with weather and baby sleep.  Everyone loved the outdoors, cooking on a camp stove, and we made a fire the last night!

Photo buddy.  Hazel’s camera battery died in the first leg of our trip, but Miles picked up double-clicking snaps the rest of our trip.  His journal entry below describes a sad moment.

Narrow Gauge Rail.  Hazel, Miles and Tim climbed aboard the open gondola (for the only 4 hours of crappy weather on our whole trip) to make the journey from Durango to Silverton.

Aladdin’s Hut, Silverton.  Finally a night under a real roof! We stayed in a rustic cabin at 10,500ft above Silverton.  We spent the next 2 days hiking and biking the Colorado trail.  Miles and Hazel were rocking it on the single track!


Ice Lake Basin.  This incredible hike took us up over 12,000ft (I tend to bow out at the tree line!).  The highlight of the descent was when Tim stripped and showered in a waterfall, and we were discovered by another hiker.

Telluride, final destination.  We took the Million Dollar highway 60 miles around to Telluride while Tim went straight up and over Black Bear pass on his mountain bike (10 miles).  Telluride is one special place, made even better by the public transportation option  – gondola!

Imogene Pass Run.  The impetus for our trip!  Tim ran 17 miles over a crazy 13k ft pass and did amazingly.  His time taunts him: 03:00:02.  We’ll be back.  Hazel’s picture shows her running down the street after Tim 400m from the finish.  He didn’t see her, but it was pretty cute.


Fishing Pond.  Final hours in Telluride, they finally landed a fish.

Huge, huge success!  We had so much fun and got to see some beautiful spots in our state.  We drove past even more gorgeous places, and I took notes for next year!  Tim is going to hunt down that 3 hour time, and we really wouldn’t mind a trip back!