This Man!  We sure do love him.


Here’s what’s going on in his little world:

  • Crawling.  Efficient, targeted, army crawling.  As though he is ducking barbed wire.  Clyde is getting around.
  • Peeking over the top.  Clyde can pull up to standing, mostly on me or the lower drawer of the oven (totally babyproof, right?).  Not so adept at getting down yet…
  • Talking!  There are some definite words coming out.  They all sound like Da.  Dada. Ah-DA! Da!
  • Sleeeeeppppp…. A new trend, sleeping A LOT.  Like 14 hours through at night.  LOONNGG naps.  That army crawling must be exhausting.
  • Uncle Love.  ClydeO loves his uncle G.  They spend a couple hours a week hanging out while I coach Cross Country, and everyone is happy. (Except maybe Hazel who would prefer more of G’s attention)
  • Beee-Byde-O.  I’m not even sure how to spell this new concoction of a nickname.  We are convinced this child will never learn to answer to “Clyde”.
  • Rays of Sunshine. That’s what shines from this child’s face when he smiles.  Which is often.
  • I love an 8 month old.  Have I mentioned how much I love this age?  Gummy smile, snails paced movement, generally happy.  It’s a good time with our tiny!