October 2016


This little man…he brings joy where ever he goes.

  • Army Crawler. Clyde continues to ruin the front of every outfit by army crawling everywhere.  He’s getting proficient at it though, and speed increasing past glacial.
  • Standing.  It was the month where Clyde stood up in the bed.  And stood against my leg.  And against everything.  Somehow he looks even tinier when he is standing.
  • Teeth!  What do you get when you cry all day?  Two teeth!  Right together on the bottom.  Luckily they have not yet been used to bite.
  • Aumph.  Speaking of bite, Clyde continues to chomp all kinds of people food. Favorite this month, momma’s homemade apple sauce.  He also also able to be fed by a spoon, still loves nursing, and discovered baby puffs this month.
  • Dada & Hazel. His vocabulary is booming, adding “Hazel” to his repertoire of family names. He loves his sister!
  • Mama’s Boy.  He won’t say it (I think he still considers himself one of my appendages), but Clyde needs his momma.  Coming around slightly to his Uncle G, as I’ve mentioned…
  • A-woooo! Halloween is coming up and Clyde copies Hazel and me when we see scary stuff “a-woooo!”.  Also, he started to get startled, his initial fright by a huge jack o lantern I brought into the house.  He crawled up and clung to me like cling wrap!
  • Sleeper.  I know this won’t last, so trying to enjoy the long naps (2x 2 hour/day) and long nights (5:30pm-7am or when I wake him).  This is one well-rested dude.

Miles again ran cross country this year.  It was the last year where he will race the 1km, and he did great!  His enthusiasm, endurance and pure love of running made it a joy to watch him participate and develop in the sport.  As a bonus, I was able to coach this season and see it all up close.  His first meet was about getting used to it, “that was hard” he determined after losing his breath.  On the morning of the second meet, he came into my bed early.  “How do I win the race today?” he asked.  We talked about pace, pain and doing your best.  He rocked it, finishing in the top 20% and getting a massive PR.  He was definitely happy with his effort!

Late in September, the leaves change.  Even when summer seems to go on and on and on like this year.  So we loaded up one Sunday morning and headed “to the mountains” (a phrase I still feel weird about using) to see this fabled Aspens.  What I saw exceeded every expectation I had.  The color was so vibrant, so fiery and intense, I couldn’t stop staring.  We drove up Guanella Pass and stopped on the way back down, picnicking and hiking around a streak of gold.  These gorgeous photos are courtesy of Tim.

I loved it so much that I recruited a friend and her little to join Hazel, Clyde and I for a daytime outing to Lily Lake, where we saw even more gorgeous color.  Before it inevitably faded and slipped away.