This little man…he brings joy where ever he goes.

  • Army Crawler. Clyde continues to ruin the front of every outfit by army crawling everywhere.  He’s getting proficient at it though, and speed increasing past glacial.
  • Standing.  It was the month where Clyde stood up in the bed.  And stood against my leg.  And against everything.  Somehow he looks even tinier when he is standing.
  • Teeth!  What do you get when you cry all day?  Two teeth!  Right together on the bottom.  Luckily they have not yet been used to bite.
  • Aumph.  Speaking of bite, Clyde continues to chomp all kinds of people food. Favorite this month, momma’s homemade apple sauce.  He also also able to be fed by a spoon, still loves nursing, and discovered baby puffs this month.
  • Dada & Hazel. His vocabulary is booming, adding “Hazel” to his repertoire of family names. He loves his sister!
  • Mama’s Boy.  He won’t say it (I think he still considers himself one of my appendages), but Clyde needs his momma.  Coming around slightly to his Uncle G, as I’ve mentioned…
  • A-woooo! Halloween is coming up and Clyde copies Hazel and me when we see scary stuff “a-woooo!”.  Also, he started to get startled, his initial fright by a huge jack o lantern I brought into the house.  He crawled up and clung to me like cling wrap!
  • Sleeper.  I know this won’t last, so trying to enjoy the long naps (2x 2 hour/day) and long nights (5:30pm-7am or when I wake him).  This is one well-rested dude.