October was filled with pumpkin patches, constant updates on our home Halloween decoration, and costume creation.  We waited until the last minute to carve and display our jack o’lanterns, to avoid giving the squirrely-dirrerlys an early trick or treat.

Our costume this year was years in coming, and I think we pulled it off pretty well.  Miles’ obsession in Tin Tin has infiltrated our lives, adding vocabulary to our speech (Kraken-Heimer! is our resident curse) and character to our persona.  On Halloween we all got to live our alter-egos.



Trick or Treat was a huge success.  Only 2% of houses “got” our costume (1 or 2). Clyde got a bucket of candy for dad (after carefully selecting one from each house, he looked into the eyes of the giver and smiled – so so sweet. He also got ahold of a box of Nerds which he used as a rattle until he wetted the corner so that the sweet shakers emptied into his mouth, quieting him completely until we discovered the sugar intake going on).  Hazel was NOT scared, walking through an open house with deadpan indifference.  Miles loved it and outlasted us all.  And of course, Ging & Blue got dressed up too.