This dude!  There has been a massive transformation from baby to little guy this month.


  • Signs!  The signing has clicked in, and Clyde is communicating all kinds of stuff.  From all done, bye, water, sleepy, and his favorite – milk.
  • Daa-Daa. Dada. ahhh-DA!  Clyde’s one spoken syllable has so many meanings depending on context and tone, it may as well be it’s own Chinese dialect.  The three listed mean FOOD (now!), Dad, and Boom!  He occasionally throws in a na-na, which does not mean momma but milk, but that faded with the increase of signs.
  • Momma’s boy.  Woo, Clyde loves his momma. In fact, it seems terrifying to be out of arms’ reach.  The separation anxiety continues, intensified with the volume of his voice.  We’re rolling with it.
  • No walking, but… A very competent crawler, cruiser, knee-stander, climber, pusher, roller, squiggler, and sitter.  The boy’s day is a constant core workout!  Walking still seems a ways out.
  • Dishwasher.  By far the most interesting thing going on in the kitchen is the dishwasher.  The moment it opens he is there, unloading silverware (often into the hands of Hazel, ready to put them away), or up on the door, or in the basket.
  • Calmed by the Cold.  This man is a true Colorado soul.  He is not happier than when he is out in the elements, bundled in his onesie snow suit that is. Stroller rides, sledding, snowshoeing – he loves it all and has yet to be outlasted by his mom, who can’t take that much cold.
  • Books! We’ve been reading before each nap and bedtime, and Clyde’s gotten to where he can turn the pages (his tempo can be a bit off).  He loves touchy feely books and uses his little pointer to scratch at whatever texture is offered.
  • Personality. It’s coming out, loud and clear now, and is not so different than what we saw on day one.  Generally mellow and able to take events in stride (like being marionetted about the house by his siblings), gentle and curiously cautious about new things, happy and delivering the biggest smiles 91% of the time, but when he loses it – look out!  His anger/discomfort comes in a rush and is tricky to console.  I think he’s shaping up to be a fine little soul.