A year and a month, we’re still having fun.

  • No, no.  Toddler time already??  Clyde is master of the “no” head shake.  I’ve seen a nod or two, questionable.  There’s no mistaking the “no”.
  • Signs.  Apart from a head shake, this little dude has added a mass of signs to his vocabulary.  Banana, milk, more, all done, and hat! (his favorite)
  • Bear Crawling. Still crawling this month, but he’s up on his feet and hands.  I like to train the bear crawl, he is a true pro!
  • More Teeth!  And a couple more teeth.  Just when I think things are going great with sleeping, he has a few days of being unsettled.  Then there’s a tooth.
  • Still a string bean.  Clyde is long (85%) and skinny (20%).
  • Boo Boo.  Hazel got the name this month.  And he’s everyone’s boo.
  • So much joy. This little man is one happy guy.  And brings joy to all of us around him.