It’s on!  We’ve got a tiny walking human on our hands.

  • He Walks! First he stood.  Then very shortly afterwards, he walked.  Toward a ball.  Perhaps we have a serious baller on our hands!
  • True Communication.  The signs are pouring in (we youtube one a day it seems, and the whole family picks it up), and Clyde added grunts to his vocab to let us know what he’s thinking.  My favorite is when he grunts a request for approval, like a question.  He really gets it.
  • One of the Big Kids.  Walking, balling and then, viola!, he’s one of the big kids.
  • Choo Woof Roar Bbbbrrroom.  Clyde sneezed.  I said “Sneeze Dog!”.  He woofed.  All other animals roar.  Trains choo, all other vehicles go bbbrrooom!
  • Toilet Mansy.  Hoping his indicates that Clyde will potty train early.  He is obsessed with the toilet, and had his hands and head in the bowl every time we turn our back.
  • Mama?  Will he ever say mama?
  • Blueberries & Meat.  Blueberries became a clear favorite food this month (I guess they were in season in Chile…we ate tons).  We learned the sign for blueberry and he learned it instantly and pulled it out every time the fridge opened.  Also, Clyde finally ate some meat and enjoyed it.
  • Buddha.  My B name for ClydeO is born.  I have my Bugsy and my Babe, and now we have the Buddha.  It’s a funny name for a tall skinny kid.  But he rocks it!