The Golden Boy gets the Golden Egg.  He calls it a ball.

  • Ball!  This boy is crazy about playing ball.  Helps that it’s little league season, our house and yard is full of balls, and many things can be mistaken for ball (see above).  Throwing, kicking, chasing, hitting.  He is on it.
  • He skis.  Last month walking, this month skiing.  His reaction? More, more (in sign language.
  • Cheese, Turtle, Ball, Hi.  The spoken vocab grows.
  • Follows directions.  Holy cow to have a child who can follow directions.  This is a whole new game and may be the biggest development this month.  Sit down and put your shoes on. He does his best. Put that down. It’s down.  Amazing!
  • Hi, dada.  Hi, ClydeO.  Maybe the sweetest thing ever.  In a sing song voice “Hi dada”, the return “Hi ClydeO”, repeat.  Wish I had an audio of this exchange, but it was fleeting and I missed it.
  • Hi! Connection. Clyde does like to say HI.  Even to strangers.  Like the lady behind us in line at the grocery, he will repeat ‘hi’ and crane to get in her line of sight until his connection is made and the ‘hi’ reciprocated.  Social being.
  • Finally mama. Or me?  Clyde said Mama!  I think he was referring to himself though.
  • Hat! & Scooter.  We got ClydeO a helmet and Hazel and Miles rushed to get him onto his scooter.  He loves it.
  • Feet first on your belly.  Another weight off a momma’s mind, Clyde can get down safely from most heights – the top of the stairs, the play structure, the bed.  Whew.
  • Another Mother.  I hesitate to put this on my baby girl, but Hazel is so instrumental in the rearing of this child that I must give her props.  Hazel is with Clyde most of his waking hours, patiently and persistently showing him the way of the world.  The way she talks to him is priceless; she is priceless.