1.3333333 years old.

  • Na!  Usually proclaimed after his siblings reply to a question “who is hungry?” and shouted with both hands raised.  Touchdown!  Me!
  • BaBall (Baseball).  Clyde is baseball crazy!  He’ll make a tee out of anything and hit a ball off it with any bat like object. (i.e. Cone, snowball, stick = baseball) (yes, there was enough snow this month to do that)
  • Choo Choo.  Oh trains.  Could there be anything better for a little boy?
  • More Stories. He is way into books, and started asking for more (by sign language) after each one at sleep time.  Stall tactic or just a bonafide bookworm?
  • Shoes!  Following with the trend of following directions, Clyde can now go to the basket where his shoes are, find a matching pair and sit down to attempt to put them on.  Working on getting the right and left worked out…  Also, hat.  Clyde is often walking around with one of the kid’s baseball caps on, throwing a ball.
  • Growing.  All 4 molars are in now, and I’m worried that the two teeth next to his bottom middles will not emerge (Stelzer genes) as they are way out of order.  His hair is growing in nicely too, with patches of tow-white coming in under the strawberry blonde.  It’s a fascinating blend.
  • Booda-boo.  Tim’s name for Clyde this month.