Our Little Mansy is coming into his own.

  • Helicopter!  Anything flying in the air is most marvelously interesting and is definitely a helicopter.  Sounds like “Hi Da Da”, pointing up.
  • Uh-Oh.  All the time.
  • Ball!  Any time.
  • So Big.  I can’t get over how big Clyde is looking.  When I pick him up from his crib, when he’s following the big kids around, just massive!
  • Sun Safe.  One thing this dude loves to do is put on sunscreen (or lotion, or anything white which disappears after he rubs it into his skin).  He will ask by holding out his arm and rubbing along it.  This is a much better situation than him hating the application!
  • Singing his song.  When Clyde gets tired he starts to hum to himself (self soothing lullaby?)
  • Daily Bone.  Somehow this is the nickname Hazel came up with this month.  Even I am calling him Bonesy.  Hope this one flitters away soon…