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Another half a year — boom!

  • Words, words, words.  It happened the morning after we landed in Michigan.  Clyde was having breakfast.  I prompted “say hi to Jake”. Clyde: “Hi Jake”.  And from there he was off!  That meal included “tea” “Bob-Bob” and “chicken” and each day he added about 20 words to his vocabulary.  We have a talker!
  • Tall and Not so Skinny. Whew!  After months in the string bean category, Clyde clocked in at 90th %ile in height and 75th %ile in weight.  He must be eating something!
  • But not at dinner.  Clyde is kind of a picky dude.  He loves his breakfast food, but not much else.  He consumes 80% of the day’s calories before 10am.  Seems to be working for him.
  • One of the Big Kids.  Maybe it’s the 1 and a half age, or the height, but he is really one of the dudes right now.  At 4th of July, he climbed aboard a trike like it ain’t no thing, even though he couldn’t reach the pedals.
  • Boom Rock, lefty or righty?  Clyde loves him some ball, but what he really loves is to throw (boom) rocks into the water.  Good thing we were at the lake for 2 weeks!  Heaven!  Thing is, he is more likely to grab the rock with his right and fling it, but if the rock is placed in his left, he can really throw it.  Properly.  Jury is still out on handed-ness.