This was a month on the road and Clyde Rocked it!

  • Woah!  Airplane in the sky – woah! Two dogs on the street – woah! Car drives by – woah! If he wants your attention on something, Clyde has figured out how to get it.
  • Boat! Skiing, skiing.  Two weeks in MI and this kid is in love with water sports.  This month he got to ride many ferry boats, but what he really loves is a speed boat.  He will tack on “eee-ing, eee-ing” to let you know what he really wants to do behind that boat.
  • The Land of Make-believe.  This month Clyde finally got what it means to pretend.  Eat that strawberry off the page, don’t mind if I do! I’ll have that hungry caterpillar too while I’m at it!  Pretty fun to witness his sense of imagination and humor.
  • Camp Champ & Road King.  As I mentioned, it was a travel filled month.  Clyde rocked it, in friend’s houses, tents and especially in the car.  3300 miles on this trip and I don’t think he screamed for more than 15 minutes combined. Amazing.
  • Sccccoooooopppp, working man.  Our house project started this month.  It began with a big digger scooping up the yard.  Way too exciting to nap when that is going on right outside.  After naps, Clyde gets to work driving his own machines around the front yard.