IMG_7853Finishing the Summer a new man.

  • Stringing it together.  Clyde finishes out this summer a different kid!  Majorly, he is talking in sentences, stringing words together. Open Mine Pls… So so so much fun!
  • Clyde O.  This was Clyde’s first long standing nickname, and it is now the name he calls himself.  If he wants some, he will follow you saying “Clyde-O, Clyde-O!”  The answer to “who want’s some??” is definitely still “NAH!” by all kids.
  • Help you.  Another fun language nugget.  If Clyde needs help, he will bring you the problem and ask “help you Clyde-O” (instead of Help me).  He also asks to help with the words “help you” (vacuuming is his favorite).
  • Running!  And Bumping!  Clyde walked for a long time before he attempted to run, but he is now off!  He practices jumping too, announcing – big big bump!, but usually only one foot leaves the ground at a time.
  • Teething, again.  The glacial eye teeth have begun their descent, and it’s not the most fun ever.  8 more to go.  Almost there.
  • Favorite things: Trains, planes, trucks, diggers, rocks, balls, playgrounds, Hazel (Hay Ho), bananas, momma.  Sounds just like a 20 month old.