Ah, the month Clyde became a toddler.  We’ll look back fondly, maybe later.

  • Difficult transitions. Into the car, out of the car, into the bike trailer, stroller, bed, next room.  Every transition is met with resistance and a tantrum.  I remember this with the others.  It ends.  It sucks.
  • TTTTEEEETTTHHHH! And then there’s the teeth, which descend slowly, so slowly.  Naps are not really happening.  Good thing we still have the 5:30 bedtime.
  • Three.  Clyde is amazing at math.  Even complicated math!  Ask him the square root of 9.  Eight minus 5. One plus two.  He nails it every time.
  • Green. And he has his colors down too!  He can accurately identify the color of trees, grass, money and spinach.  He is so advanced.
  • Cheese.  Tough month, but there are silver linings. (Like being able to sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s!)  And cheesing for pictures.
  • Weaned.  End of a breastfeeding era.  We are done.