Growing up and becoming one of the dudes.

  • HayHo and Mouse.  Clyde christened his siblings with their new names.  I like it. The rest of us: Momma, Day-O (daddio), MaLinda, Wah-EE (who he likes to change his diaper), and G.
  • Big Big Poop. Potty training is underway!  Clyde clearly identifies something is leaving his body and entering his diaper.  It’s all “big big poop”, and the warning comes after the fact.  Baby steps.
  • Trouble.  Our sweet innocent is no more.  Just when we feel OK leaving him for a second, he has all the spice jars emptied onto a single plate, and uncle G’s golf tee collection is scattered all over the floor.  Time to keep an eye.
  • Scooterbike.  The pink micro scooter is out and Clyde is getting the hang of it.  He loves to scoot on the slow downhill to school pickup.  He can really move.  The way home is not quite happening yet…
  • Momma, LROOOKK! My attention is constantly being directed to the most amazing things.  I love it.
  • Cousins!  We had a month full of Stelzer Cousins!  Clyde is right at the age where he thinks he can hang.  If momma is close enough, that is.