This Man!  Growing up and being a little helper.

  • “Thank you.” This is very sweet.  And polite.
  • Flannel and Knee Socks. Clyde’s typical weekend outfit.  Potty training continues with significant success. If he’s completely baring it all, that is.  We roll with it.
  • ClydeO Do It. Self sufficient at 1.  Toddler for sure.
  • Bump It. ClydeO loves to bump it (dump it).  Anything, into any other receptacle.
  • Skiing! We got Clyde kitted out, and on December 22, Clyde went skiing.  He lives for the gondola (chairlift), and Tim took him down a green run!  Colorado boy starts young.
  • Dinner Table.  I’ve mentioned, Clyde does not really like dinner.  Most of his non-breakfast meals are consumed in the form of blended shake.  Well, this month Clyde gave up the high chair and started joining at the big table.  Jury is still out if he will start eating, but the social aspect is nice.
  • Hit. Boy loves his baseball.  We had a super warm December (see shorts pic above) and had lots of time to work on his swing.  Lefty, always.  He made a tee out of a discarded 4×4 and does pretty well.
  • Lights! Holiday lights are magical, but never hold so much wonder as through the eyes of a almost-2-yr-old.  Soaking up the special time we get this month.