Monthly Update


Ah, the month Clyde became a toddler.  We’ll look back fondly, maybe later.

  • Difficult transitions. Into the car, out of the car, into the bike trailer, stroller, bed, next room.  Every transition is met with resistance and a tantrum.  I remember this with the others.  It ends.  It sucks.
  • TTTTEEEETTTHHHH! And then there’s the teeth, which descend slowly, so slowly.  Naps are not really happening.  Good thing we still have the 5:30 bedtime.
  • Three.  Clyde is amazing at math.  Even complicated math!  Ask him the square root of 9.  Eight minus 5. One plus two.  He nails it every time.
  • Green. And he has his colors down too!  He can accurately identify the color of trees, grass, money and spinach.  He is so advanced.
  • Cheese.  Tough month, but there are silver linings. (Like being able to sleep over at grandma and grandpa’s!)  And cheesing for pictures.
  • Weaned.  End of a breastfeeding era.  We are done.

The reality of infant time – that was the longest, fastest month ever.  And Clyde managed to firmly wedge himself into all our hearts.


What’s up with our tiniest man:

  • Fussy times. I remember 6 weeks being a turning point.  For us, it was the tip of a hill on a rollercoaster.  There were some massive fussy times leading up to 6 weeks, “happy hour” that would start (with a drink for me and a pacifier for him) at 4pm and end with us in a heap at 6pm and Clyde finally asleep for the night.  Thankfully, we seem to be on the end of that ride.  Or maybe there’s another hill approaching (most likely)!
  • Huge Smiles, and Chuckles.  The smiling ramped up too, and Clyde can be the happiest guy and make me forget all my troubles.  He also started laughing, which is super cute.  Miles, Hazel, Clyde and I have had some giggling sessions for sure.  Best thing this baby has taught me – a smile goes a really long way.  I’m working on mine too.
  • Eat. Sleep. Repeat.  Sometimes in rapid succession.  Clyde nurses when he wakes up, which is every 2 hours, day and night.  There have been the occasional long stretches in there, but for the most part, he is feeding furiously 2 hours on the dot.  Working on stretching that out at night… The milk is getting him somewhere, he clocked in at 12#4 at his 2 month check.
  • Chill-Out Time. This little boy loves his alone time.  Chillin’ watching his fists fly around in front of him.  I wonder what is going on in his little brain.
  • Clyde-O! Yep, more nicknames.  Clyde-o is a favorite this month, as is Super Cutie, Super Booty Cutie and Mr. B (for Booty).
  • Pouch Baby.  Sometimes I think, Clyde will only sleep in the carrier.  Then I realize – he will sleep in the carrier!  Then I get out for a walk/hike with him, and the world is a pretty good place.
  • So much Love.  I realized looking through pictures that he is surrounded by so much love.  It’s hard to get a picture of just him without a sibling hopping in, or in someone’s loving arms.  Lucky little guy.  And then there’s all the love he brings us.  Lucky little family.

Here she is, at the end of the toddler posts.


What’s floating this girl’s boat:

  • Special Party.  Have you been invited to the special party?  Most likely, you’ve been bribed into it, or punished out of it.  For months, Hazel and Miles have made the promise if you do something “you can come to my special party”, or “spesh” for short.  Miles confided weeks ago (out of earshot of Hazel) that there was no special party.  For Hazel, the party planning lives on.
  • Special Guys, and the Fall of the Pee-anghk.  Hazel loves her soft toys; they have families and birthdays (with cake), conversations and love to snuggle.  For years, since birth basically, we went nowhere overnight without Pinky.  Then we took a trip to the beach where Seastar took the coveted carry on position.  She told us – this is the first time I am going away without Pink.  It also happened to be the week of Sea Star’s birthday, which we had celebrated with … a special party.
  • Adaptable.  Hazel just rocked it through a very major life transition.  HUGE props.
  • Sneaky Jabs.  Finally, she is that sibling, the one who can not only stand up for herself but can dish it back, in the sneakiest way possible where she won’t be the one in trouble, turning on the water works at just the right time for Miles to take the brunt of the blame.  I’m onto her though…I had a little sister too you know.
  • Out of the Green.  Green is no longer trumping the rainbow these days.  Up on top, Tuscan Red and Goldenrod (thanks to the artsy Grandma Linda, she is well versed in the expanded color wheel).  Also, Pink.  Although I see it as short lived.
  • Big Girl.  The big FOUR (point) OH is looming, and Hazel has fully come into her own.  She sporting her Stelzer lump (with lump kiss for daddio), eating some more vegetables, going on big hikes, speaking her mind, and loving big time on New Baby and momma’s giant bump.  I’m so proud of this little lady!

Hazel’s been counting down to this half-birthday for weeks.  Not sure what she expects to come with her age, but she’s so grown up to us!


Hazel, at three-and-a-half:

  • Momma-in-the-bama.  Still rhyming, with style.  I-in-the-by, love you-in-the-‘bove you.
  • Stoic.  Hazel is super self-assured, independent, and does not let her feathers be easily ruffled.  Her strength of character is evident in all she does, from talking to adults to standing up for her preferences with Miles.
  • Aumph!  Finally, Hazel’s palate expanded to include a taste for so many new foods, and a tolerance for almost all.  She will readily eat vegetables and salad,  and loves eggs (thanks to breakfast tacos).
  • Like a Weed.  After a particularly chubby trip back to the US, Hazel stretched to new heights and is now a skinny, tall, bean.  She literally outgrew clothes in the 6 weeks we were away!  All the baby rolls are gone.  She’s a big girl now, and eats like one too.  Her breakfast belly has always been big, but she’s now mowing through portions at lunch and dinner too!  I love a good eater.
  • Ponytail.  Hazel really wants a ponytail. She is working on it, but still maintains a cropped curly coif until the front grows a bit and the rest stops turning green in the chlorine.  One day!
  • Excited.  Of everyone in the family, Hazel is most excited for our move to Colorado.  She’s excited for time with Grandma Linda, excited to not go to school (at least right away), and so, so excited to build snowmen (thank you, Olaf).
  • Daddio-day.  The unchanging schedule for a day out with dad: Go to Paragon, play at Cartoon World soft play ball pit, order Carrot cake at the coffee shop and Hazel sneaks the sugar-carrot off before Tim can get to it!  This routine has been played out at least 4 times in the last 6 months.
  • Sidekick.  Miles and Hazel are inseparable these days.  They wake up to play made up games in their room, conspire on rapscallion tricks throughout the day, and play side by side afternoons.  Hazel’s loyalty to her brother is unwavering, and is so sweet.

He’s FIVE folks.  This is Miles’ last baby post.  He’s a little kid now.20150123-IMG_2195

And here’s what that looks like:

  • Planning, scheming.  Miles is not one to stumble along and follow the leader.  He needs to know what the plan is, influence it if he can, and keep everyone on track.
  • Time and Dates.  He’s got a calendar and a digital watch, and can read an analog clock to the half hour.  If we’re going somewhere, we’re going to be on time.
  • Follow the Rules.  Miles likes to know the rules and follow them.  “Did you park in the lines, momma?” after one too many parking tickets for his liking.
  • Rough and Tumble Play.  Jumping down, wrestling, cannonballs into the water, climbing trees and getting as dirty as possible.  This is definitely the way to have fun.
  • Reader.  While Miles is not reading quite yet, he does have a deep love of books and enjoys being read to on many subjects.  We’re in the middle of the BFG right now, and he loves his science books “How things Work” and anything on planets and outer space.  He can also stare at a map for quite a while.  Gotta know where you’re going.
  • Helper.  Its amazing to me how much of a help Miles can be now, eager to help out in lots of little tasks, especially if its something new.
  • Proud of him.  At 5, I can definitely say I am proud of the little boy we raised.  He can make new friends and take good care of the little guy as well as he can hold a dinner conversation with a 60 yr old lady.  He loves stories and tall tales, is creative and intelligent.  My heart bursts for him, and I look forward to every day in his future.

Love you little Bugsy!

Wow.  I think we made it.  No more toddlers in this house!  Hazel turned three today!


  • Actually… Hazel has grown quite articulate, and “actually” is her favorite start to most sentences.  She can converse with the best of them, and while she is a little shy around strangers, she is learning to speak up.
  • No, Miles!  No issues speaking up to her brother any more, Hazel has learned to really stand up for herself and what she wants.
  • Come a Little Closer…  Hazel loves “Three Little Pigs” and “The Gingerbread Man”, and will play the wolf (blow!) and the fox (chomp!) while I get knocked down and eaten.  She also loves The Gruffalo and The Enormous Crocodile.
  • So Many Cucumbers.  This girl is growing like a weed, and she will tell you exactly why that is too.  Obviously because of all the cucumbers she is eating!  She’s turned a vegetable corner, and will now happily chomp her salad while we watch the visible gains in her musculature as she flexes between mouthfuls.  Of her biceps, “They are almost touching my shoulders!”
  • Fluffy!  Nothing is more comforting than something fluffy, and Pee-ankh is still filling the fluffiest shoes in her boat.  She now also has a favorite softy (Nemo), but fluffy reigns supreme.  She loves to play legos and puzzles, read books and don accessories.  Cooking with momma is pretty fun too.
  • Big.  I mentioned Hazel is getting tall, she is big too, needing new shoes this month.  Her hair is coming in (slowly) but she made it through the twos without her molars popping through yet.  She uses the toilet independently, will squeeze her eyelids shut and cover her eyes to try to sleep at naptime, and can wait it out better than her brother looking for the morning sun to rise to get out of bed.



Two is no joke.  This girl is growing up and showing us her true, vivid colors.

  • No baby.  There’s no baby updates here, because Hazel is a walking, talking, toothy, potty-trained, feeding-herself, sleeping machine.  We got no more babies.
  • Longs.  I’ve mentioned it, but this girl loves to cover her knees.  Her favorite clothes are long pants and “sport shoes” – with socks!  We can sometimes convince her of a dress if the modesty content is there (only lower leg showing).  At night, she sleeps in her “Gruffs”, some pajamas with magical healing powers.  They have long pants of course.
  • Green.  Anything that is green was obviously made for this girl.  It’s not quite an obsession or requirement, but if it’s green it is so much better.  Caveat: this does not apply to food.
  • Sleep-over.  This is kind of a baby update.  Hazel really needed to take some naps in the afternoon to boost her dinner time spirits.  Luckily, she is happy to crash out in her lower bunk for a “sleepover”, either with daddio or some of her guys.
  • Pee-Ahnk!  Hazel is still completely devoted  and attached to her Pinky, who has been compadre numero uno from the beginning.  She could face fire with that fluffy pink monkey’s tag between her forefinger and thumb.  Got an owie?  She’ll run to fetch you a Pink.  There, doesn’t that feel better already?
  • Wailing.  Not exactly the meltdowns I expected from a tantruming two year old girl, Hazel just bursts into tears and howls when things aren’t going her way (mostly when Miles has derailed things from going her way).  It’s a raw and true expression of emotion that yields maybe one to two tears only before it’s over.  And then it starts again 5 minutes later.
  • Spunk.  Hazel has spunk, she’s feisty, she is fun to be around and can be so loving and sweet, melting into my lap at times that I do cherish.  We love this little girl!

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