1.3333333 years old.

  • Na!  Usually proclaimed after his siblings reply to a question “who is hungry?” and shouted with both hands raised.  Touchdown!  Me!
  • BaBall (Baseball).  Clyde is baseball crazy!  He’ll make a tee out of anything and hit a ball off it with any bat like object. (i.e. Cone, snowball, stick = baseball) (yes, there was enough snow this month to do that)
  • Choo Choo.  Oh trains.  Could there be anything better for a little boy?
  • More Stories. He is way into books, and started asking for more (by sign language) after each one at sleep time.  Stall tactic or just a bonafide bookworm?
  • Shoes!  Following with the trend of following directions, Clyde can now go to the basket where his shoes are, find a matching pair and sit down to attempt to put them on.  Working on getting the right and left worked out…  Also, hat.  Clyde is often walking around with one of the kid’s baseball caps on, throwing a ball.
  • Growing.  All 4 molars are in now, and I’m worried that the two teeth next to his bottom middles will not emerge (Stelzer genes) as they are way out of order.  His hair is growing in nicely too, with patches of tow-white coming in under the strawberry blonde.  It’s a fascinating blend.
  • Booda-boo.  Tim’s name for Clyde this month.


The Golden Boy gets the Golden Egg.  He calls it a ball.

  • Ball!  This boy is crazy about playing ball.  Helps that it’s little league season, our house and yard is full of balls, and many things can be mistaken for ball (see above).  Throwing, kicking, chasing, hitting.  He is on it.
  • He skis.  Last month walking, this month skiing.  His reaction? More, more (in sign language.
  • Cheese, Turtle, Ball, Hi.  The spoken vocab grows.
  • Follows directions.  Holy cow to have a child who can follow directions.  This is a whole new game and may be the biggest development this month.  Sit down and put your shoes on. He does his best. Put that down. It’s down.  Amazing!
  • Hi, dada.  Hi, ClydeO.  Maybe the sweetest thing ever.  In a sing song voice “Hi dada”, the return “Hi ClydeO”, repeat.  Wish I had an audio of this exchange, but it was fleeting and I missed it.
  • Hi! Connection. Clyde does like to say HI.  Even to strangers.  Like the lady behind us in line at the grocery, he will repeat ‘hi’ and crane to get in her line of sight until his connection is made and the ‘hi’ reciprocated.  Social being.
  • Finally mama. Or me?  Clyde said Mama!  I think he was referring to himself though.
  • Hat! & Scooter.  We got ClydeO a helmet and Hazel and Miles rushed to get him onto his scooter.  He loves it.
  • Feet first on your belly.  Another weight off a momma’s mind, Clyde can get down safely from most heights – the top of the stairs, the play structure, the bed.  Whew.
  • Another Mother.  I hesitate to put this on my baby girl, but Hazel is so instrumental in the rearing of this child that I must give her props.  Hazel is with Clyde most of his waking hours, patiently and persistently showing him the way of the world.  The way she talks to him is priceless; she is priceless.


It’s on!  We’ve got a tiny walking human on our hands.

  • He Walks! First he stood.  Then very shortly afterwards, he walked.  Toward a ball.  Perhaps we have a serious baller on our hands!
  • True Communication.  The signs are pouring in (we youtube one a day it seems, and the whole family picks it up), and Clyde added grunts to his vocab to let us know what he’s thinking.  My favorite is when he grunts a request for approval, like a question.  He really gets it.
  • One of the Big Kids.  Walking, balling and then, viola!, he’s one of the big kids.
  • Choo Woof Roar Bbbbrrroom.  Clyde sneezed.  I said “Sneeze Dog!”.  He woofed.  All other animals roar.  Trains choo, all other vehicles go bbbrrooom!
  • Toilet Mansy.  Hoping his indicates that Clyde will potty train early.  He is obsessed with the toilet, and had his hands and head in the bowl every time we turn our back.
  • Mama?  Will he ever say mama?
  • Blueberries & Meat.  Blueberries became a clear favorite food this month (I guess they were in season in Chile…we ate tons).  We learned the sign for blueberry and he learned it instantly and pulled it out every time the fridge opened.  Also, Clyde finally ate some meat and enjoyed it.
  • Buddha.  My B name for ClydeO is born.  I have my Bugsy and my Babe, and now we have the Buddha.  It’s a funny name for a tall skinny kid.  But he rocks it!


A year and a month, we’re still having fun.

  • No, no.  Toddler time already??  Clyde is master of the “no” head shake.  I’ve seen a nod or two, questionable.  There’s no mistaking the “no”.
  • Signs.  Apart from a head shake, this little dude has added a mass of signs to his vocabulary.  Banana, milk, more, all done, and hat! (his favorite)
  • Bear Crawling. Still crawling this month, but he’s up on his feet and hands.  I like to train the bear crawl, he is a true pro!
  • More Teeth!  And a couple more teeth.  Just when I think things are going great with sleeping, he has a few days of being unsettled.  Then there’s a tooth.
  • Still a string bean.  Clyde is long (85%) and skinny (20%).
  • Boo Boo.  Hazel got the name this month.  And he’s everyone’s boo.
  • So much joy. This little man is one happy guy.  And brings joy to all of us around him.


The first year is in the books!  Here’s where we stand:

  • Big Front Teeth.  It’s amazing how a face can change with the addition of two big teeth coming through the top gums.  Big Boy now.
  • Dadada… Clyde’s first and still favorite word.  Dada.  He knows who to attach it to, there is still no sign of mamama.  Although moments without me are not so pleasant for our little man.
  • Style.  You can most often find Clyde donning a onesie, sweatpants and a flannel (as shown above).  Mountain man.
  • Cruising and Crawling.  No sign of walking yet, but this man can make his way across a room double quick.
  • Favorite Menu.  Clyde would be happy the rest of his life if his bowl were full of oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce and bananas.  We’re calling it the BOAY diet.
  • Sleep.  I have nothing to complain about with this guy’s sleep habits.  He is rock solid with his morning nap, afternoon nap and early bedtime.  He even slept through our midnight bathroom remodel.  Think circular saw outside his bedroom door that set off the smoke alarms.  He was out the whole time.  Should we be concerned?
  • Bee Bop. The name game continues.  Tim christened him bee-bop this month.  Banana-Fana-Fo-Fido.

This dude!  There has been a massive transformation from baby to little guy this month.


  • Signs!  The signing has clicked in, and Clyde is communicating all kinds of stuff.  From all done, bye, water, sleepy, and his favorite – milk.
  • Daa-Daa. Dada. ahhh-DA!  Clyde’s one spoken syllable has so many meanings depending on context and tone, it may as well be it’s own Chinese dialect.  The three listed mean FOOD (now!), Dad, and Boom!  He occasionally throws in a na-na, which does not mean momma but milk, but that faded with the increase of signs.
  • Momma’s boy.  Woo, Clyde loves his momma. In fact, it seems terrifying to be out of arms’ reach.  The separation anxiety continues, intensified with the volume of his voice.  We’re rolling with it.
  • No walking, but… A very competent crawler, cruiser, knee-stander, climber, pusher, roller, squiggler, and sitter.  The boy’s day is a constant core workout!  Walking still seems a ways out.
  • Dishwasher.  By far the most interesting thing going on in the kitchen is the dishwasher.  The moment it opens he is there, unloading silverware (often into the hands of Hazel, ready to put them away), or up on the door, or in the basket.
  • Calmed by the Cold.  This man is a true Colorado soul.  He is not happier than when he is out in the elements, bundled in his onesie snow suit that is. Stroller rides, sledding, snowshoeing – he loves it all and has yet to be outlasted by his mom, who can’t take that much cold.
  • Books! We’ve been reading before each nap and bedtime, and Clyde’s gotten to where he can turn the pages (his tempo can be a bit off).  He loves touchy feely books and uses his little pointer to scratch at whatever texture is offered.
  • Personality. It’s coming out, loud and clear now, and is not so different than what we saw on day one.  Generally mellow and able to take events in stride (like being marionetted about the house by his siblings), gentle and curiously cautious about new things, happy and delivering the biggest smiles 91% of the time, but when he loses it – look out!  His anger/discomfort comes in a rush and is tricky to console.  I think he’s shaping up to be a fine little soul.

We’ve got some creators in our house.  If it’s not Legos, or beads, or colored pencil work, it’s some other project Hazel and Miles have dreamed up.  Recently:

Miles indexes his Spy Manual (take time to read this, it’s classic) while Hazel captions her drawing.

Miles constructs slab-on-grade foundation to the paper plate before affixing the ginger bread house.  Hazel frosts hundreds of gingerbread cookies.

The annual Gingerbread House construction, fully utilizing the leftover Halloween candy.