A year and a month, we’re still having fun.

  • No, no.  Toddler time already??  Clyde is master of the “no” head shake.  I’ve seen a nod or two, questionable.  There’s no mistaking the “no”.
  • Signs.  Apart from a head shake, this little dude has added a mass of signs to his vocabulary.  Banana, milk, more, all done, and hat! (his favorite)
  • Bear Crawling. Still crawling this month, but he’s up on his feet and hands.  I like to train the bear crawl, he is a true pro!
  • More Teeth!  And a couple more teeth.  Just when I think things are going great with sleeping, he has a few days of being unsettled.  Then there’s a tooth.
  • Still a string bean.  Clyde is long (85%) and skinny (20%).
  • Boo Boo.  Hazel got the name this month.  And he’s everyone’s boo.
  • So much joy. This little man is one happy guy.  And brings joy to all of us around him.


The first year is in the books!  Here’s where we stand:

  • Big Front Teeth.  It’s amazing how a face can change with the addition of two big teeth coming through the top gums.  Big Boy now.
  • Dadada… Clyde’s first and still favorite word.  Dada.  He knows who to attach it to, there is still no sign of mamama.  Although moments without me are not so pleasant for our little man.
  • Style.  You can most often find Clyde donning a onesie, sweatpants and a flannel (as shown above).  Mountain man.
  • Cruising and Crawling.  No sign of walking yet, but this man can make his way across a room double quick.
  • Favorite Menu.  Clyde would be happy the rest of his life if his bowl were full of oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce and bananas.  We’re calling it the BOAY diet.
  • Sleep.  I have nothing to complain about with this guy’s sleep habits.  He is rock solid with his morning nap, afternoon nap and early bedtime.  He even slept through our midnight bathroom remodel.  Think circular saw outside his bedroom door that set off the smoke alarms.  He was out the whole time.  Should we be concerned?
  • Bee Bop. The name game continues.  Tim christened him bee-bop this month.  Banana-Fana-Fo-Fido.

This dude!  There has been a massive transformation from baby to little guy this month.


  • Signs!  The signing has clicked in, and Clyde is communicating all kinds of stuff.  From all done, bye, water, sleepy, and his favorite – milk.
  • Daa-Daa. Dada. ahhh-DA!  Clyde’s one spoken syllable has so many meanings depending on context and tone, it may as well be it’s own Chinese dialect.  The three listed mean FOOD (now!), Dad, and Boom!  He occasionally throws in a na-na, which does not mean momma but milk, but that faded with the increase of signs.
  • Momma’s boy.  Woo, Clyde loves his momma. In fact, it seems terrifying to be out of arms’ reach.  The separation anxiety continues, intensified with the volume of his voice.  We’re rolling with it.
  • No walking, but… A very competent crawler, cruiser, knee-stander, climber, pusher, roller, squiggler, and sitter.  The boy’s day is a constant core workout!  Walking still seems a ways out.
  • Dishwasher.  By far the most interesting thing going on in the kitchen is the dishwasher.  The moment it opens he is there, unloading silverware (often into the hands of Hazel, ready to put them away), or up on the door, or in the basket.
  • Calmed by the Cold.  This man is a true Colorado soul.  He is not happier than when he is out in the elements, bundled in his onesie snow suit that is. Stroller rides, sledding, snowshoeing – he loves it all and has yet to be outlasted by his mom, who can’t take that much cold.
  • Books! We’ve been reading before each nap and bedtime, and Clyde’s gotten to where he can turn the pages (his tempo can be a bit off).  He loves touchy feely books and uses his little pointer to scratch at whatever texture is offered.
  • Personality. It’s coming out, loud and clear now, and is not so different than what we saw on day one.  Generally mellow and able to take events in stride (like being marionetted about the house by his siblings), gentle and curiously cautious about new things, happy and delivering the biggest smiles 91% of the time, but when he loses it – look out!  His anger/discomfort comes in a rush and is tricky to console.  I think he’s shaping up to be a fine little soul.

We’ve got some creators in our house.  If it’s not Legos, or beads, or colored pencil work, it’s some other project Hazel and Miles have dreamed up.  Recently:

Miles indexes his Spy Manual (take time to read this, it’s classic) while Hazel captions her drawing.

Miles constructs slab-on-grade foundation to the paper plate before affixing the ginger bread house.  Hazel frosts hundreds of gingerbread cookies.

The annual Gingerbread House construction, fully utilizing the leftover Halloween candy.

Tim gets plenty of ground time in Austin, but the kids and I miss our Texas time!  On his last trip to Austin, we tagged along. Somehow we got the one weekend where temps in Austin were colder than Boulder! We hit all the old favorites, met up with lots of old friends, and got a day with the cousins down in New Braunfels.

Tim gifted Clyde and I his first class upgrade. My first time!  Upon landing, we headed straight to Torchy’s Tacos.  Clyde’s first Texas taco.  He loved it.

Austin was a mash up of things wrapped in tortillas, running with friends, and hitting up parks.  The kids played on so many structures I think they believe Texas is all playground! We also made it to the Grand Opening of the Filson Store (Santa pics and hot chocolate), Erik’s holiday party (beer and jello shots!), and of course Julio’s breakfast tacos.

Our day with Angel and Craig was also filled with favorites.  “Volcano” restaurant for lunch, and playtime with Guy at Landa Park.  Finished with Dairy Queen!

We still love you Texas, you will always be in our hearts. And blood.  Miles is convinced he was born a cowboy.


Last year we traveled to the mountains to cut down our own Christmas tree.  This year, due to travel schedules and weather (it still felt like summer), we decided to just buy a tree.  When we told the kids, they flipped.  Perhaps they thought this meant we would have no tree.  So we made a 6am call, and headed for the mountains.  Last year we headed southwest, to Fraser, so we decided to try the other farm this year, northwest past Fort Collins.  This was Smokey Bear territory, and we got a glimpse of the bear on our way out of the park.  There was snow!  And many more fir trees than spruce.  We were looking for something tall and skinny for our new living room configuration, and we found just that.

And a stop at New Belgium Brewery seemed in order.  Massive marshmallows and beer tasters!

On the way home, after an hour of driving we rolled through Loveland and passed a Christmas tree farm. Hazel & Miles: “Look! So many trees!  And already cut down and much better than the tree we got!”  Tim and I exchanged glances.  Happy Anniversary!

I still like our cut-your-own tradition.


  • On the go!  Clyde picked up his torso and is crawling all over the place.  He has the cutest little crawl, kind of pigeon handed.  He is also adept, but cautious, about getting up a flight of stairs.  Still working on getting down.
  • If you’re happy and you know it… Clapping hands is fun!  Any time anyone sings, or says “yay!”, or when he is upset and needs to sooth himself, Clyde claps.
  • Daddy’s Boy.  Whenever Clyde sees Tim he shouts “Dada!” and reaches for him to be picked up, even when I am holding him.  He wants back to me after a minute, but he is definitely excited to spend time with Da.
  • Funny man.  Peek-a-boo, laughing and a squinty eyed stink face let me know this one may end up being the jokester in our family.
  • Player.  This guy jumps right into whatever is being played, and loves to have time with his toys.  Also, he has spent a lot of this warm fall at parks and playground and when asked if he wants to play, pumps his arms and legs and smiles so wide. He loves climbing up and sliding down, all under the close supervision of his doting big sister, of course.
  • Dishwashed.  Clyde LOVES the dishwasher, and will climb in it whenever the door is down.  Hazel and Miles have recruited him to unload the silverware.  He carefully removes each one and hands it to Hazel to put away.  Start ’em young.
  • New names.  We will never run out of nicknames for Clyde Z.  This month: Boodle.  Cloodle.  Tiny A Boo. Cock of the Rock.